The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

Efficient Parallel Video Processing Techniques on GPU: From Framework to Implementation

Algorithm 1

Structure of the MB_INFO structure in the x264 code.
typedef struct MB_ INFO{
int TotalCoeffChroma;  //number nonzero coefficients of Chroma
int TotalCoeffLuma;   // number of nonzero coefficients of Luma
int Pred_mode;    // prediction mode of the MB
int RefFrameIdx;    // Index of the reference frame
int MinSAD;       // minimal SAD value of the MB
int IntraChromaMode;  // prediction mode for Chroma MB
int CBP;       // Coded block pattern
struct S_ MV MV;   // motion vector
int QP;       // parameter QP
int Loc;         // Position of the MB
int Type;        // Type of macroblock
int SubType;     // type of subblock