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Developing a Web-Based Advisory Expert System for Implementing Traffic Calming Strategies

Table 2

Classification of traffic calming measures.


Vertical deflectionsSpeed bumps, speed humps, speed tables, speed cushion, rumble strips, and raised crosswalks/intersections
Horizontal deflectionsChicane, lateral shift, central chicane, and traffic circle
NarrowingChoker, neck-down, road-diet, sidewalk widening, pedestrian refuge island, hatched marking, turn lane, and median
Pavement treatmentBrick paving, stone paving, and colored surface
Parking managementParking restriction/prohibition, nonparallel parking
Volume controlHalf closures, full closure, diagonal diverters, and turn prohibition
StreetscapingStreet furniture, tree planting, and gateway
Changes in speed limitSchool zone, speed limit reduction, and truck speed limit
EnforcementPolice enforcement, increased punishment, and speed cameras
Special zonesTruck exclusion zone, shared space, pedestrian zone, and school zone
Traffic signsWarning signs, regulatory signs, school signs, bicycle signs, pedestrian signs, residential signs, truck signs, special zone signs, and traffic calming signs
Improvement of street infrastructureCrosswalk, sidewalk, bike lane, and street lighting
Network analysisChanging street direction from one-way to two-way (or vice versa) and changing direction of a one-way street