The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Developing a Web-Based Advisory Expert System for Implementing Traffic Calming Strategies

Table 7

Experts’ responses to the system verification questions.

Questions for computer professionalsScores

(1) The user interface is user friendly4.3
(2) The system is easy to use4.67
(3) The system runs commands quickly4.67
(4) The system has no bugs4.3
(5) The system has correct codes4
(6) Access to different parts of the system is easy4.67

Questions for domain expertsScores

(1) The user interface is user friendly4.67
(2) The system is easy to use4.3
(3) The system runs commands quickly4.3
(4) The problems are well defined4.67
(5) The solutions are clear4.3
(6) Strategies are well organized 4.67
(7) Measures are well described4.67
(8) The whole system is useful 4.67