The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

A Rhythm-Based Authentication Scheme for Smart Media Devices

Table 4

Three types of the standard key based on key length.

TypeRhythm locking patternLocking pattern characteristics

Key 185/1:10/0:5/2:10/0:5/3:10/0:5/2:10/0:5/3:10/0:5/4:10(i) Short length
(ii) Six single notes
(iii) Simple rhythm

Key 2158/3:20/0:3/2:20/0:3/5:20/0:3/2:20/0:3/3:20/0:3/5:20/0:3/2:20(i) Medium length
(ii) Two composite notes
(iii) Six single notes
(iv) Simple rhythm

Key 3220/1:50/0:5/5:10/0:5/2:40/0:15/3:30/0:5/a:60(i) Long length
(ii) Two composite notes
(iii) Three single notes
(iv) Irregular rhythm