The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

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The Galloyl Catechins Contributing to Main Antioxidant Capacity of Tea Made from Camellia sinensis in China

Table 3

Correlation coefficients for correlation of ORAC value and catechins content in different tea infusions.

Catechins contentGreen teaOolong teaBlack teaDark tea

EGC (%)0.53a0.89a0.73a0.68a
Catechin (%)0.66b0.90a0.76b0.66a
EC (%)0.73c0.87a0.76b0.65a
EGCG (%)0.69d0.89a0.82c0.66a
ECG (%)0.65b0.90a0.70d0.69a

Values marked by the same lowercase superscript letter within the same column are not significantly different ().