The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Alg 4

Research Article

Efficient Constraint Handling in Electromagnetism-Like Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows

Algorithm 4

General scheme of proposed EMA.
(1) Set   Population Size
(2) Set   Maximum iteration limit
(3) Set   Upper Bound for time window normalization
(4) Set   Lower bound for time window normalization
(5) Normalize time windows of customers
(6) Generate of points within normalized time windows by procedure
(7) Calculate the OFV of each point.
(8) Check feasibility of each point.
(9) Set best and worst solution points.
(10) While     do
(11) For     to  
(12)    For     to  
(13)       Calculate
(14)       Calculate
(15)    End for
(16)    Calculate resultant force
(17) End for
(18)  Move each solution point.    //Relocate particles by updating position vectors.
(19)  Calculate OFV of each solution point.
(20) Check boundaries of each solution point by procedure.
(21) Set the best and worst points.
(22) Set  
(23) End while