Table 2: Day and night temperatures of the experimental site (Saratok, Malaysia).

VariableWet seasonDry season
September 2012November 2012January 2013April 2013July 2013

Mean day time temperature (°C)26.729.229.626.327.0
Mean night time temperature (°C)23.624.924.524.624.7
Mean day and night time temperature differences (°C)

Mean soil temperature (°C)
Early morning 29.8a30.0bc28.2bc30.1a28.7b
Morning 30.8a32.1ab29.8a30.5a29.5b
Mid-morning to afternoon 30.9a32.8a30.7a30.5a30.6b
Afternoon 29.7a31.1abc30.5a29.3ab32.6a
Evening 29.5a30.1bc29.4ab28.7ab29.2b
Night 29.0a29.2c27.9c27.7b28.7b

Mean values with different letters within the same column are significantly different at ≤ 0.05.