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An RF Energy Harvester System Using UHF Micropower CMOS Rectifier Based on a Diode Connected CMOS Transistor

Table 1

A comparison of this work with previous works.

ReferencesThis work[7]

CMOS technology node180 nm90 nm250 nm350 nm250 nm300 nm500 nm180 nm

Typical threshold voltage0.51 V0.450.550.150.530.20.15

Operating frequency900 MHz915 MHz906 MHz953 MHz450 MHz950 MHz869 MHz900 MHz

Additional requirementDeep n-wellDeep n-wellPrecharge phase is neededLow Vth transistorAuxiliary battery is neededSchottky diodeLow Vth transistor

Minimum RF input power−9 dBm
(on-chip inductor)
−18 dBm
(off-chip inductor)
−18.83 dBm−17.9 dBm−9 dBm−18.6 dBm−14 dBm−20.1 dBm

Rectifier efficiency at minimum RF input power14.46%
(on-chip inductor)
(off-chip inductor)

Maximum achievable efficiency58.2%
(on-chip inductor)
(off-chip inductor)

Number of stages52424