Figure 1: The artocarpin content of A. communis extract and fractions was determined by HPLC-UV with a Lichro-CART 250-4 Purospher STAR RP-18e column. (a) HPLC chromatogram of (A) Art 100 μg/mL, (B) AB 1 μg/mg, (C) AM 1 μg/mg, (D) AE 1 μg/mg, (E) AH 1 μg/mg, and (F) AD 0.5 μg/mg. (b) Artocarpin content of A. communis methanol extract and its fractions. Values are expressed as mean ± SD, . Art: artocarpin; AM: methanol extract; AH: n-hexane fraction; AD: dichloromethane fraction; AE: ethyl acetate fraction; AB: n-butanol fraction. # versus AE, AB, and AH groups. versus AM, AE, AB, and AH groups.