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Review Article

Salmonella enterica: Survival, Colonization, and Virulence Differences among Serovars

Table 4

Examples of Salmonella serovars isolated from foodborne outbreaks in the US in humans and most common food items related to each serovar from 2007 to 2011 [14].

SerovarNumber of outbreaks %IllHospitalizedDeathsMost common food vehicles

Enteritidis16727%49723942Egg, chicken, pork, and beef
Typhimurium8414%20433429Chicken, leafy greens, and peanut butter
Heidelberg447%18752125Chicken, turkey, and dairy products
Newport6310%15812092Sprouts, vegetables, tomatoes, pork, and poultry
Montevideo213%11541410Beef, pepper, pork, and cheese
Braenderup193%203291Pork, chicken, and vegetables
Muenchen173%229341Sprouts, deli meat, and fruit
Infantis163%363340Pork, turkey, and beans
Javiana142%876731Chicken, pork, fruits, and vegetables
Saintpaul102%18663402Peppers, tomatoes, poultry, and beef