The Scientific World Journal / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Differential Evolution Based IDWNN Controller for Fault Ride-Through of Grid-Connected Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generators

Table 2

System specifications of DFIG system and grid module.

Specifications of DFIG system

Rated power1.5 MW
Rated stator voltage690 V
Nominal wind speed12 m/s
Stator resistance0.00706 pu
Rotor resistance0.005 pu
Stator leakage inductance0.1716 pu
Rotor leakage inductance0.156 pu
Magnetizing inductance2.9 pu
Turns ratio2.7
Rotational inertia5.04 s
Nominal DC-link rated voltage1200 V
DC bus capacitor60 millifarads

Specifications of AC grid

Rated voltage20 kV
Frequency50 Hz
Short circuit ratio2.23
Load 1 power400 kW & 120 kVar
Load 2 power500 kW & 150 kVar
Load 3 power50 KW & 15 kVar

Length of transmission lines

Line 1 and Line 315 km
Line 2 and Line 430 km
Synchronous machine speed1500 rpm
Synchronous machine power85 kVA