Research Article

Mental Health of Elementary Schoolteachers in Southern Brazil: Working Conditions and Health Consequences

Table 4

Correlation between the main self-reported working conditions and biopsychosocial consequences for the health of teachers.

Stressful working conditionsAnxietyHeadacheStressWaking up several times during the nightIrritability
ρ valueρ valueρ valueρ valueρ value

Inadequate salary−0.060.72−0.160.320.390.010.130.43−0.020.89
Inadequate or insufficient work material−0.190.26−0.160.33−0.220.18−0.040.780.040.78
Size of the classroom inadequate for the number of students0.120.460.060.710.210.19−
Excessive activities0.380.010.030.850.220.18−
Taking work home0.080.630.120.46−