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A Push on Job Anxiety for Employees on Managing Recent Difficult to Understand Computing Equipment in the Modern Issues in Indian Banking Quarter

Table 13

Opinion about the CRM system in an integral part of the work in banks.

Sl. numberOpinion of employeesC.V

1CRM enhances customers loyalty4.740.5010.55
2Existence of CRM practices throughout all the levels3.440.5215.12
3CRM is undertaken by employee to approach customers3.800.4010.53
4CRM objective is to increase better relationship among the account holders 3.850.4511.69
5CRM objective is to frame customer database2.870.5318.47
6CRM can attract new customers 4.770.469.64
7CRM helps to build customer loyalty 4.970.163.22
8CRM boosts customer’s confidence
9CRM benefits industry performance and productivity4.020.133.23

Source: computed data.