The Scientific World Journal / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A New Arbiter PUF for Enhancing Unpredictability on FPGA

Table 1

Placement of primitives on SLICEs for 3-1 Double Arbiter PUF. The value for the variable can range from 0 to 63.

Descriptions Primitives SLICEs

(MUX_1L_(), MUX_1R_()) F7BMUX (SLICE_X14Y(76−), SLICE_X15Y(76−))
(MUX_2L_(), MUX_2R_()) (SLICE_X16Y(76−), SLICE_X17Y(76−))
(MUX_3L_(), MUX_3R_()) (SLICE_X18Y(76−), SLICE_X19Y(76−))
(MUX_4L_(), MUX_4R_()) (SLICE_X20Y(76−), SLICE_X21Y(76−))

Pair of NAND in SR-Latch_1 C6LUT (SLICE_X14Y12, SLICE_X16Y12)
SR-Latch_2 (SLICE_X16Y11, SLICE_X18Y11)
SR-Latch_3 (SLICE_X18Y10, SLICE_X14Y10)
SR-Latch_4 (SLICE_X15Y12, SLICE_X17Y12)
SR-Latch_5 (SLICE_X17Y11, SLICE_X19Y11)
SR-Latch_6 (SLICE_X19Y10, SLICE_X15Y10)