The Scientific World Journal / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Novel Method of Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on EEG Signals

Table 1

values for dataset A, different frequency bands in different brain connections.

Synchrony measureBrain connectionsFrequency regions values

Cross correlationRT-C Delta ()
Theta ()
Alpha ()0.009
RT-ODelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0029
RT-FDelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0062
LT-CDelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0192
LT-ODelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0052
LT-FDelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0091
LT-RTDelta (δ)
Theta (θ)
Alpha (α)0.0253

Phase synchronyRT-CDelta (δ)0.0067
Theta (θ)0.0403
Alpha (α)0.05
RT-ODelta (δ)0.0041
Alpha (α)0.0271

CoherenceRT-CDelta (δ)0.0378
RT-ODelta (δ)0.0378
Alpha (α)0.0192