Table 5: List of the most important studies on the medicinal effects of Catharanthus roseus.

Application Modern researchesReferences
In vitro In vivo

Acetylcholinesterase and cholinergic antagonism inhibitionMicroplate assay Male Wistar rats[166, 167]
Alzheimer’s syndrome Human (clinical trial)[168]
Anthelminthic activity Pheretima posthuma [169]
Antiandrogenic activityMice[170]
Antiangiogenesis activity Chicken eggs[171]
Antibacterial (antiseptic) activityBacteria[106, 172175]
Antidysenteric activity Wistar rats[176]
Antifertility effectMale rat[115, 177, 178]
Antifungal activityTrichophyton rubrum
Hendersonula toruloidea
[179, 180]
Antihyperglycemic activity (antidiabetic)Mice, rat, rabbit Wistar albino rats[109, 181188]
Antihypercholesterolemic activity
Rabbit, rat[184, 189]
Anti-inflammatory activityRat[189]
Antimutagenic activityMicronucleated erythrocytes[190]
Antineoplastic activity Mice, rat Clinical use[113, 191198]
Antioxidant activity Rat[61, 184, 199]
Antiplasmodial activity Human erythrocytes[200, 201]
Antiproliferative activity Human cells[202, 203]
Antispermatogenic Male rat, mice[204, 205]
Blood cleanser[206]
Cytochrome P450 inhibition CYP2D6[207]
Cytotoxic activityHuman cell line[208, 209]
Enhances kidney and liver functions Wistar rat[185, 210]
Epididymal dysfunctionRat[211]
Generate giant spermatogonial cells Albino rat[212]
Hypotensive activityRat[108]
Larvicidal activity Anopheles stephensi (malaria vector); Aedes aegypti [213, 214]
Regression of accessory reproductive organsMale Wistar rats[215]
Regression of entire reproductive systemMale rat[216]
Stomachic[108, 217]
Tonic[108, 217]
Tranquilizing and sedative action [101, 108, 217]
Wound healingRat[218]

The research was done ex vivo.