The Scientific World Journal / 2016 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

Development of Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

Algorithm 2

Clustering algorithm of NFEACS protocol.
_CH output of neural network to become a temporary cluster head
Broadcast changenodestatusMessage as CM
Random value between 0 to 1
 Advertise ElectionMessage
  Calculate CH_chance using fuzzy if-then mapping rules
  CHMessage (ID, CH_chance, resEnergy, Mobilityfactor)
  if CH.resEnergy < N.resEnergy
   Call QuitElectionProcess
  end if
end if
if CH = TRUE
  Broadcast CHMessage with ID
  nodeStatus CH
  CH broadcast its nodeStatus with ID
   Broadcast JoinCMMessage with ID
   = CM1, CM2,
  Broadcast CHMessages with ID
  CH closest CH
  Broadcast JoinCHMessage with ID to the closest CH
end if