The Scientific World Journal / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Analysis of Dental Enamel Surface Submitted to Fruit Juice Plus Soymilk by Micro X-Ray Fluorescence: In Vitro Study

Table 1

Composition of the juices used in the experiment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

LabelComponents (200 mL portion)
WaterJuiceSoy extractSugarVitamins and mineralsAcidity regulatorAcidulantStabilizer/thickenerOthers

PresentPresentPresent14 gB2; B3; B6; C; folic acid; Fe; ZnSodium citrateCitric acid; maleic acidCitrus pectinGuar gum; calcium chloride; maltodextrin; flavoring; dye

PresentPresentPresent9 gCTricalcium phosphate (152 mg)Citric acidPolydimethylsiloxane; carrageenanGalena gum; acacia gum; ester gum; flavoring; preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate

PresentPresentPresent17 gA; B6; B12; C; D; E; folic acid; FeSodium citrateCitric acidPectinFlavoring; dye