Research Article

Allelopathic Activity of Extracts from Different Brazilian Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivars on Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and Weed Plants

Table 3

Inhibition of L. sativa growth of hypocotyls and rootlets by crude ethanolic extracts of aerial part, root, seed coat, and seed of IAC 886, IAC Caiapó, IAC Tatu ST, IAC 8112, and BR-1 cultivars from Arachis hypogaea.

CultivarInhibition in relation to control (%)
Crude extracts
Aerial part 
(96.68 ppm)
(367.5 ppm)
Seed coat  (91.46 ppm)Seed 
(72.98 ppm)

IAC 88652.858.
IAC Caiapó32.135.243.633.827.532.927.926.7
IAC Tatu ST40.138.532.129.830.140.139.533.9
IAC 811242.043.835.628.341.745.235.536.2

The same letter means no statistically significant difference between the samples in each column.
Hypoc. = hypocotyl; Root. = Rootlet.