The Scientific World Journal / 2018 / Article / Tab 5

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Sequential Extractions and Toxicity Potential of Trace Metals Absorbed into Airborne Particles in an Urban Atmosphere of Southwestern Nigeria

Table 5

Comparisons of heavy metal content (µgg−1) in street dust in this study with other cities of the world.

CitiesCdCrCu Ni Pb Zn Reference

Birmingham, UK1.62-466.94148534[16]
Hong Kong, China21.8-24.8-93.41.68[17]
Beijing, China0.7380.8107.736.171.7238.6[18]
Egypt, Egypt,2.9858.710238.53071839[6]
Mubi, Nigeria0.67-25.06-207121[9]
Akure2.464.8312.636.24112.456.08This Study