Research Article

Water Quality Assessment of Tributaries of Batang Baleh in Sarawak Using Cluster Analysis

Table 1

The details of the sampling regime and sampling location in the present study.

StationGPS CoordinateDateTimeRemark

St 1: Sg SelentangN01°34′05.6′′ E114°21′14.0′′21/11/20153:00 pmRaining
St 2: Sg. PenganenN01°34′02.0′′ E114°20′47.2′′21/11/20152:25 pmRaining
St 3: Sg. IrakN01°33′55.2′′ E114°18′38.9′′21/11/20151:35 pmRaining
St 4: Sg. TorN01°34′04.3′′ E114°16′45.8′′21/11/201511:09 amRaining
St 5: Sg. KianN01°34′01.1′′ E114°15′47.2′′21/11/201510:30 amRaining
St 6: Sg. KupetN01°33′54.2′′ E114°12′53.0′′5/4/201512:50 pmSunny
St 7: Sg. SeraniN01°34′16.5′′ E114°08′40.7′′5/4/201511:33 amShaded and sunny
St 8: Sg. LaieN01°34′06.3′′ E113°55′38.3′′4/4/20154:37 pmShaded and sunny
St 9: Sg. MelataiN01°35′21.9′′ E113°47′44.7′′4/4/20151:31 pmShaded and sunny
St 10: Sg. EntulohN01°36′12.2′′ E113°44′40.6′′4/4/201511:52 amShaded and sunny
St 11: Sg. MengiongN01°37′55.4′′ E113°38′05.0′′12/2/20152:20 pmSunny
St 12: Sg. PutaiN01°48′45.4′′ E113°46′14.2′′12/2/20154:25 pmRaining
St 13: Sg. MeriraiN01°51′36.1′′ E113°34′39.1′′13/2/20158:55 amSunny
St 14: Sg. GaatN01°52′30.5′′ E113°26′08.6′′13/2/201510:25 amPartially cloudy
St 15: Sg. MujongN02°01′39.5′′ E113°10′54.9′′13/2/20151:00 pmRaining