Research Article

Hepatitis B and C Viral Infection: Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Occupational Exposure among Healthcare Workers of Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia

Table 1

Distribution of sociodemographic/economic characteristics of healthcare workers of JUMC, 11 Nov 2015 to 09 Jan 2016.

Sociodemographic NumberPercentSociodemographic NumberPercent

Age (years)Profession
 20-248235.7 Clinical nurse9943.0
 25-2912052.2 Midwifery nurse3013.0
 30+2812.2 Professional nurse7733.5
Sex  Others2410.4
 Male11650.4Academic qualification
 Female11449.6 Diploma12152.6
Religion  BSc10143.9
 Muslim5523.9 MSc/MPH52.2
 Orthodox10244.3 Specialist MD31.3
 Protestant6729.1Work experience (years)
 Others (Catholic & Wakefeta)62.6 1-3 years14864.3
Ethnicity  4-6 years4921.3
 Oromo13759.6 6+ years3314.3
 Amhara5323.0Monthly salary
 Others4017.4 < 1301219.1
Marital status 1301-16003113.5
 Single13458.3 1601-31427833.9
 Currently married9139.6 3143-39016729.1
 Separated/divorced20.9 >39013314.3

n =230 (denominator used to calculate the percentages), BSc = Bachelor of Science, MSc = Master of Science, MPH = Master of Public Health, and MD = Medical Doctor.