Research Article

Hepatitis B and C Viral Infection: Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Occupational Exposure among Healthcare Workers of Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia

Table 2

Distribution of risky behaviors and medical procedures among healthcare workers of JUMC, 11 Nov 2015 to 09 Jan 2016.

Risky behaviors and medical proceduresNumberPercent

Alcohol drinkingYes2711.7
Cigarette smokingYes125.2
Khat chewingYes3013.0
Shisha smokingYes62.6
Multiple sexual partner/sYes146.1
Practicing tattoosYes104.3
IV drug useYes62.6
Blood transfusionYes93.9
Injection of any drugYes8938.7
Any incision/surgeryYes2611.3
Any dental procedureYes5423.5