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VLSI Design
Volume 8, Issue 1-4, Pages 539-544

Formulation of the Boltzmann Equation as a Multi-Mode Drift-Diffusion Equation

1285 School of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

Received 2 June 1997; Accepted 10 June 1997

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We present a multi-mode drift-diffusion equation as reformulation of the Boltzmann equation in the discrete momentum space. This is shown to be similar to the conventional drift-diffusion equation except that it is a more rigorous solution to the Boltzmann equation because the current and carrier densities are resolved into M×1 vectors, where M is the number of modes in the discrete momentum space. The mobility and diffusion coefficient become M×M matrices which connect the M momentum space modes. This approach is demonstrated by simulating electron transport in bulk silicon.