Table 4: Resource utilization of the Simple Observer (SO) and Composite Observer (CO) using Quartus II tool.


FamilyCyclone IICyclone II
Total logic elements265/8,256 (3%)2,431/8,256 (29%)

Combinational with no register

Combinational with a register2062167
Logic element usage by number of LUT inputs59264
4 input functions06
3 input functions2402053
<=2 input functions25372
Combinational cells for routing019

Logic elements by mode

Normal mode14299
Arithmetic mode2512132
Total registers59/8,256 (<1%)264/8,256 (3%)
Total LABs24/516 (4%)207/516 (40%)
Embedded Multiplier 9-bit elements16/36 (44%)36/36 (100%)