Research Article

A Framework for Scalable TSV Assignment and Selection in Three-Dimensional Networks-on-Chips

Algorithm 6

Generic algorithm for setting the elevator bits for offline deadlock-freedom.
LastDirSet (The last directions set of the routing algorithm)
Elevator[LayerNodes] (Elevator location bits)
for all node do
Initialize Elevator[] to all zeros
end for
for all node of coord do
= List of all elevators
Sort By distance from
for alldo
(12)add East to
(13)end if
(15)add West to
(16)end if
(18)add North to
(19)end if
(21)add South to
(22)end if
(24)add to
(25)end if
(26)end for
(27)if is empty then
(28) = random elevator from Min
(30) = random elevator from
(31)end if
(36)end for