Research Article

Retrospective Study of Salinomycin Toxicosis in 66 Cats

Table 1

Clinical signs, onset, type and amount of food from cats of groups no.1–6.

GroupClinical signsNumber of casesDays prior to clinical signsOnlyAmount
total n=66acute n=50chronic n=16minmaxmeanFood I or II.minmax

1LMN Paraparesis19181454.51933100
2LMN Paraplegia232035762220100
3LMN Tetraparesis11743104.51125150
4LMN Tetraplegia532474.5515100
5LMN Tetraplegia, cranial nerve deficits, and dyspnoea5054106520100
6Vestibular syndrome and autonomic signs3215156233150

min: minimum; max: maximum; LMN: lower motor neuron disease; Food I and Food II: two different brands of commercial cat food contaminated with salinomycin; Amount: Amount of food expressed in percentile (100% = one can).