Research Article

Retrospective Study of Salinomycin Toxicosis in 66 Cats

Table 3

Therapy and outcome from cats of groups no. 1–6 (recovery rate and time).

Total NumberInfusion Ringer-LactatedFood I.Food II.Complete recoverydiedRecovery Time (Days)
of CasesPenicillintotalrec.totalrec.minmax

119iv for 2 d171522170510
223sc for 2-3 d212022220715
311iv for 2-3 d1170070716
45iv for 5–7 d5300301428
63iv for 2-3 d3300301015

rec.: recovered; min: minimum; max: maximum: sc: subcutaneously; iv: intravenously; Food I and Food II: two different brands of commercial cat food contaminated with salinomycin; Group 1: LMN paraparesis; Group 2: LMN paraplegia; Group 3: LMN tetraparesis; Group 4: LMN tetraplegia; Group 5: LMN tetraplegia, cranial nerve deficits, and dyspnoea; Group 6: vestibular syndrome and autonomic signs.