Research Article

Retrospective Study of Salinomycin Toxicosis in 66 Cats

Table 4

Association between various parameters from cats of groups no. 1+2 and 3–5 and clinical scores expressed as the P-value.

1 + 23 + 4 + 5
combinedcombined(Fisher’s Exact Test)

Normal blood/urin163.0011
Abnormal blood/urin614
EMG Normal60.0114
EMG Abnormal37
MNCV Normal40.0101
MNCV Abnormal17
Biopsy Normal20.0476
Biopsy Abnormal05
Not Recovered311

Group 1: LMN paraparesis; Group 2: LMN paraplegia; Group 3: LMN tetraparesis; Group 4: LMN tetraplegia, Group 5: LMN tetraplegia; cranial nerve deficits, and dyspnoea; Group 6: vestibular syndrome and autonomic signs.