Research Article

Comparative Efficacy of an Organic Acid Blend and Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate as Growth Promoters in Broiler Chickens: Effects on Performance, Gut Histology, and Small Intestinal Milieu

Table 2

Chemical composition (g/kg) and microbiological count (log10 CFU/g) of the experimental diets supplemented with an organic acid blend (OAB) and bacitracin methylene disalicylate (BMD).

DietDietary treatmentsSignificance (P value)
ControlOABBMDDose effectBetween treatments
Chemical compositin1 g/kg diet2 g/kg diet0.5 g/kg diet1.0 g/kg dietOABBMD

Crude protein*Starter226.6228.7230.1229.2228.7NSNSNS
Crud fiberStarter43.942.542.943.243.8NSNSNS
Ether extractStarter29.529.329.129.29.3NSNSNS
Microbial counts
Total coliformsStarter1816141315 * * NS
Finisher1912141611 * * NS
Escherichia coliStarter4222 * NS *
Finisher4321 * * NS
Clostridium spp.Starter210180170200180 * * *
Finisher200180160180160 * * *
Aspergillus flavus $Starter21
Aspergillus fumigatus $Starter2

$ Statistical analysis not performed due to lack of sufficient data; Salmonella was negative for all the diets; mucoid growths were observed.
* Significance at P<.05; NS, not significant.