Table 1: History of herd and timeline of the outbreak investigation.

ActionDateNumber of animals
ElkFallow deer

Original herd size20086050
SCT performedMarch 200850 (all negative)Not tested
Index case detectedJanuary 30, 200910
SCT performedaFebruary/March 200942/59 tested (3 true positive, 25/39 false negative*)Not tested
Postmortem examinationsbJune 20095248
Serum collectedJune 200934/52 examined32/48 examined
Apparent prevalencecJune 200975% (40/53 TB positive)71% (34/48 TB positive)

aOnly 42/59 elk and none of the fallow deer were tested by SCT primarily due to animal handling and management issues. All of the elk that were tested by SCT were examined postmortem.
bHerd depopulation completed; however, not all of the carcasses were examined.
cThe apparent prevalence includes the index case and is based upon the number of animals with mycobacteriosis compatible gross and microscopic lesions and/or M. bovis isolated from tissues.
*Necropsies were performed 3 months after SCT; thus, values may underestimate the true false negative rate.