Table 2: Immunohistochemical expression of VDR, RXR, Ki-67, surviving, and ezrin in canine osteosarcoma specimens.

MarkerCutpoint value used for expressionProportion of cells expressing marker (percentage)*Mean intensity of staining# or percent positivity (range)

VDR>025/33 (76%)0.88 (0–2+)
RXR≥5%31/32 (97%)76.5% (0–99%)
Ki-67≥10%15/26 (58%)13.8% (1–75%)
Survivin≥5%25/31 (81%)52.5% (0–98%)
Ezrin>033/33 (100%)2.7 (2-3+)

*Percentage of tumors expressing the marker within each group and number of positive samples compared to the total number of samples studied.
#Mean staining intensity of VDR in each group.