Table 3: Comparison between expressions of curves adjustment determined with regard to placenta thickness for the studied breeds.

BreedCurves adjustment
  value   value   value

Small size0.8950.828<0.001*0.8910.884<0.001*0.8980.756<0.001*
Medium size0.9220.876<0.001*0.9210.884<0.001*0.9230.756<0.001*
Large size0.8930.809<0.001*0.8930.884<0.001*0.8890.756<0.001*
Giant size0.9400.884<0.001*0.9400.884<0.001*0.9390.756<0.001*

for the small size breed, for the medium size breed, for the large size breed, for the giant size breed, : Pearson’s correlation coefficient, : determination coefficient.
*Student’s -test.