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Research Article

Assessment of the Variation Associated with Repeated Measurement of Gastrointestinal Transit Times and Assessment of the Effect of Oral Ranitidine on Gastrointestinal Transit Times Using a Wireless Motility Capsule System in Dogs

Table 1

Summary of GI transit times in healthy dogs measured using the WMC system before and during treatment with ranitidine. % CV = coefficient of variation. Between-subject and within-subject coefficients of variation were calculated based on measurements taken prior to treatment with ranitidine. P values are for testing the null hypothesis that transit time does not differ among the 4 repetitions (3 before treatment with ranitidine and the 4th during treatment with ranitidine). *: nonparametric data, transit times for the 4 repetitions were compared using a Friedman’s test; **: parametric data, transit times for the 4 repetitions were compared using a repeated measures ANOVA.

Transit timeBetween-subject % CVWithin-subject % CVMedian before ranitidineMedian with ranitidineP value
(range; minutes)(range; minutes)

Gastric emptying time26.9%9.3%719 (622–1,320)757 (628–1,128)0.6149*
Small intestinal29.2%24.8%183 (92–290)162 (86–215)0.5007**
Large intestinal35.4%20.5%1,398 (644–2,445)1,140 (342–2,481)0.6172**
Small and large intestinal32.3%19.6%1,636 (746–2,588)1,227 (490–2,634)0.6215**
Total gastrointestinal19.6%15.9%2,735 (1,898–3,296)2,083 (1,248–3,262)0.2759*