Table 1: Characteristics of commercial, registered, or patented baits designed for the delivery of vaccines or pharmaceuticals to wild boar and feral pigs. Disadvantages include particularly their suitability for vaccine delivery to piglets.

BaitShape and sizeUseAdvantagesDisadvantagesReferences

RiemserSquare shape (  cm)Delivery of vaccines against classical swine fever in EuropeResistant to water and moistureNot resistant to warm temperatures
Not completely consumed by <4.5 month-old wild boar piglets

IREC, SpainHemispherical shape (  cm; Figures 1(a) and 1(b))Delivery of vaccines against Mycobacterium bovis in SpainResistant to high temperatures
Well accepted by 2–4 month-old wild boar piglets
Not resistant to water and moisture[10, 3638]

PIGOUTCylindrical shape (  cm)Delivery of toxicants or pharmaceuticals to feral pigs in Australia and USAResistant to high temperaturesLarge size would not be suitable for piglets[3942]