Figure 4: Weight loss, body temperature, tracheal burden, and survival. Groups of vaccinated (intranasal LL-M2e (■), subcutaneous KLH-M2e (▲)) or nonvaccinated (⚫) birds were challenged with high pathogenic avian influenza H5N2 (A/chicken/Pennsylvania/1370/1983). (LL-M2e), (KLH-M2e and nonvaccinated). Error bars indicate standard deviation. (a) Body temperature was measured for each bird, and the group mean is shown. (b) Weight loss for each bird was calculated as a difference compared to day 0, and the group mean is shown. (c) Tracheal swabs were collected 3 days after infection and analyzed for viral plaques. (d) Survival was monitored for 10 days after infection.