Table 1: Number of puppies in each breed included in the study.

BreedTotalMaleFemaleNumber of littersNumber of puppies/litter (mean ± SD)

Small breed (<10 kg)
 Chihuahua 256125131111
 Dachshund 188105
 Jack Russell Terrier*191546
 Pekingese 58273122
 Pomeranian 293131162130
 Poodle 82453726
 Shih Tzu26512314276
 Yorkshire Terrier 165749179
Medium breed (10–25 kg)
 Bulldog (English)48252314
 French Bulldog53233014
 Shetland Sheepdog*11562
 Thai Bangkaew 85493613
 Thai Ridgeback*13582
Large breed (25–40 kg)
 American Pit Bull Terrier*7132399
 German Shepherd*76423411
 Golden Retriever 21710311436
 Labrador Retriever2131159836
 Siberian Husky 132735928


Breed was not affected with swimming puppy syndrome.