Table 2: Linear regression equation , , and significance level (Sig.) of candidate genes.

GeneEquation Sig.

AGG 0.8990.8080.000
COL2A1 0.9630.9280.000
MMP-3 0.9530.9070.000
HAS-1 0.9670.9360.000
HAS-2 0.9530.9080.000
TIMP-1 0.9650.9300.000
BAX 0.9930.9860.000
BCL-2 0.8460.7150.000
CAS-3 0.9280.8610.000
CAS-9 0.9930.9850.000

AGG: aggrecan; COL2A1: type II collagen, alpha-1 chain; MMP-3: matrix metalloproteinase-3; HAS-1: hyaluronan synthase-1; HAS-2: hyaluronan synthase-2; TIMP-1: tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1; BAX: Bcl-2-associated X protein; BCL-2: B-cell lymphoma-2; CAS-3: cysteine aspartate-specific protease-3; CAS-9: cysteine aspartate-specific protease-9.