Table 1: Distribution of dermatological manifestation of CanL in all 100 dogs and in 21 dogs in the group with only dermatological manifestations of CanL and no identifiable systemic signs.

Number of subjects Prevalence

Dermatological form or manifestation in 100 dogs
 Exfoliative dermatitis with or
 without alopecia
74 74%
 Ulcerative dermatitis18 18%
 Nodular form11 11%
 Onychogryphosis10 10%
 Nasal and digital hyperkeratosis 9 9%
 Nasal depigmentation11%
 Sterile pustular dermatitis1 1%
Dermatological form or manifestation in 21 dogs with only dermatological manifestations
 Exfoliative dermatitis with or
 without alopecia
 Ulcerative dermatitis5 24%
 Nodular form2 10%
 Onychogryphosis1 5%
 Nasal and digital hyperkeratosis 2 10%