Table 1: Summary of animals described within the case report.

Evaluation50% dextrose administrationOutcome

1Postmortem necropsyNoNormal, no gross abnormalities
2Test hypothesis that seizures were due to hypoglycemiaOral/rectalAdministration of 50% dextrose and diagnosis of hypoglycemia
3Blood glucose testOral/rectalAnimals were not hypoglycemic; seizures were due to compound injected
4Identifying component of drug, tested diluent onlyOral/rectalAnimals had seizures
5Identifying component of drug, tested propylene glycol onlyOral/rectalAnimals had seizures
6Identifying component of drug, tested corn oil onlyNoAnimals did not have seizures
7Cardiac puncture for blood testNoDiagnosis of hemolysis and lactic acidosis which may have led to seizures