Table 1: A comparison of WSN testbeds.

TestbedNodes and scalesPrimary featuresMultiprotocol support

MoteLab [7]190 TmoteSky motesAiming at programming environment, communication protocols, system design, and applicationsSingle protocol
SignetLab [8]48 EyesIFXv2 motesSoftware to control motes and dynamically creating architecturesSingle protocol with variable network architectures
Sensei-UU [10]TelosB motes and mobile robotsSmart phone support and repeatable experiments are at different locationsSingle protocol
NetEye [11]130 TelosB motesWeb-interface to create and schedule experimentsSingle protocol
EasiTest [9]EZ271 and EZ521 motesHeterogeneous multiradios to support various speed ratesSingle protocol
IOT-Lab [12]Over 2700 motes and mobile robotsHeterogeneous platform, mobility support, and different APIsSingle protocol with programmable routing layer