Research Article

Using Sentence-Level Neural Network Models for Multiple-Choice Reading Comprehension Tasks

Box 1

Example for the multiple-choice reading comprehension for literature (the original data is in Chinese, we translate this sample in English for clarity).
“Ruins” is a derogatory term that it is irrelevant to cultural and aesthetic in many Chinese mind, and interpretation of the word
“ruins” is only a “city and village are changed into desolate places by destruction or natural disasters” in the “Modern Chinese
Dictionary”; There is no fault for the interpretation, but it is not enough if it is measured by world knowledge. In Europe,
the meaning of “ruins” has been enriched and expanded since modern times. It has been endowed with the connotation of culture
and aesthetics, and has become an academic concept. The of meaning of the “ruins” is changed from the Renaissance in Europe.
Please choice two incorrect options according to the content of the document:
A. One of the purposes of this paper is to correct the misunderstanding of the term “ruins” in the modern Chinese dictionary.
B. The Great Wall Ruins have condensed the vicissitudes of time in China and it have a “perception of the intoxicated” as the
Acropolis ruins.
C. Remains of the ruins often reveals the extraordinary wisdom and great efforts of the predecessors, which bring to the future
generations with the shock and resonance of the soul.
D. Awareness of the ruins is related to the aesthetic consciousness of countrymen, but also it is conducive to the popularity of the
“repair the old as the old”.
E. This paper not only contains historical interest, but also infiltrated the concern of reality, and express the author’s desire to
enhance the cultural quality of the nation.