Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing / 2018 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

Hydra-Bite: Static Taint Immunity, Split, and Complot Based Information Capture Method for Android Device

Algorithm 2

Main loop of optimal shared resource selection.
(1)while statList ≠∅ do
(2)declare fastKey  : String
(3)for 0 to statList.size() by incr do //Traverse the list of key-value maps
(4)while statList.get(i).getKey() is not occupied do
//Determine whether the “key” in the current key-value map is occupied or not
(5)Query bandwidth of statList.get(i).getKey()
in speedMap<res, bandwidth>
//Query unoccupied “key” bandwidth in the “SRes – Bandwidth” key table
(6)if bandwidth > value.speedMap(fastKey)
or value.speedMap(fastKey) = null then
(7)fastKey    statList.get(i).getKey()
//Iteration shared resources which has higher bandwidth
(8)end if
(9)end while
(10)end for
(11)return fastKey //Return the result of the iteration
(12)end while