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Research Article

Resetting Your Password Is Vulnerable: A Security Study of Common SMS-Based Authentication in IoT Device

Table 2

Summary of discovered vulnerabilities.

AndroidApp CNVD Public

com.watch.www CNVD-2017-02059 Yes
com..digitallock CNVD-2017-03908 Yes
com..usecar CNVD-2017-04583 Yes
com..drivevi CNVD-2017-06343 Yes
com..router CNVD-2017-15081 Yes
com..devices CNVD-2017-03909 Yes
com..zelos CNVD-2017-01003 Yes
com...laucher CNVD-2017-09696 Yes
com..rmt CNVD-2017-12023 Yes
com..faw.vw. CNVD-2017-25143 Yes
com..ezview CNVD-2017-12075 Yes
com..windlink CNVD-2017-15147 Yes