Table 1: List of gaps identified from multiple sources.


GAP #1Inter-dependencies between Network Functions co-located in the same node

GAP #2Orchestration-driven elasticity not supported

GAP #3Fixed functional operation of small cells

GAP #4Need for support for computational offloading

GAP #5Need for support for telco grade performance (e.g. low latency, high performance, scalability)

GAP #6E2E cross-slice optimisation not fully supported

GAP #7Lack of experiment-based E2E resource management for VNFs

GAP #8Lack of a refined 5G security architecture design

GAP #9Lack of a self-adaptive and slice-aware model for security

GAP #10Need for enhanced and inherent support for RAN reliability

GAP #11Indirect and rudimentary support of telco cloud resilience mainly through management and control mechanisms

GAP #12Need for (radio) resource sharing strategy for network slices