Update on Adsorption Science & Technology

Important information for authors

Adsorption Science & Technology is now closed to new and revised submissions on the Hindawi platform.

Authors should submit their manuscript via the journal's new submission portal on the Sage website.


Adsorption Science & Technology has been published in collaboration between its proprietor, Sage, and Hindawi since January 2021.  

When this partnership comes to an end for the journal in December 2023, Adsorption Science & Technology will be published solely by Sage from January 2024.

Adsorption Science & Technology will remain a Gold Open Access journal. All articles published between 2021 and 2023 will continue to be available on the Hindawi platform. Following the journal’s return to Sage, these articles will also be accessible via the Sage website. 

For more information about Adsorption Science & Technology, please visit the journal's Sage website.

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