Table 1: Length of cyclic variations found in the Svalbard 1912–2010 MAAT record by Fourier and wavelet analysis, and period length used for reproducing the MAAT 1912–1990 and 1912–2010 MAAT record with only three input periods, respectively. Parentheses around Fourier values indicate that these variations may possibly represent harmonics of the longer 68.4 yr variation. Italic columns indicate periods used in the models (Figures 7 and 8).

Cycle length80–10050–7930–4920–2915–1911–149–118-9

Fourier analysis68.4(36.7)25.716.8(12.3)10.58.7
Model 1912–199071.724.915.3
Model 1912–201074.324.517.1