Table 2: The mechanical properties of knuckle part with and without stirring according to each condition.

(Mpa) (m/s) (A) (s)Heat treatment conditionElongation (%)UTS (MPa)

4500.300T5 (8 h at 170°C)1.9145
4500.500T5 (8 h at 170°C)2.1132
4500.3605T5 (8 h at 170°C)2.2204
4500.36010T5 (8 h at 170°C)2.4212
4500.36015T5 (8 h at 170°C)1.5164
4500.3605T6 (3 h at 530°C 8 h at 160°C)3.5264
4500.36010T6 (3 h at 530°C 8 h at 160°C)3.6250
4500.36015T6 (3 h at 530°C 8h at 160°C)2.9230
4500.36015T6 (3 h at 530°C 8 h at 160°C)6.7286