Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Shear Failure of RC Dapped-End Beams

Table 2

The compressive strength and reinforcement details.

SpecimenConcrete typeHRNFRBMFR
MPa mm mm mm MPa mm mm MPa

DEB-227; 79NSC; ECC310310
DEB-327NSC28 (U)28 (St)38 (St)387310310
DEB-427NSC28 (U)28 (St)38 (St)31038

U = U bar (2 legs); St = stirrup (2 legs); = nib horizontal reinforcement, = nib vertical reinforcement; HR = = hanger reinforcement; NFR = nib flexure reinforcement; BMFR = beam main flexure reinforcement; = concrete compressive strength; and = yield stress of reinforcement.