Advances in Materials Science and Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Seismic Response and Evaluation of SDOF Self-Centering Friction Damping Braces Subjected to Several Earthquake Ground Motions

Table 2

Details of Los Angeles ground motions with a probability of exceedance of 10% in 50 years.

Ground motion IDEQ recordRichter scaleDistance (km)Duration (sec)Max PGA (g)Min PGA (g)

LA011940 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.91039 0.46
LA021940 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.91039 0.68
LA031979 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.54.139 0.39
LA041979 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.54.139 0.34
LA051979 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.51.239 0.30
LA061979 El Centro (Imperial Valley)6.51.239 0.24
LA071992 Barstow (Landers)7.33680 0.31
LA081992 Barstow (Landers)7.33680 0.43
LA091992 Yermo (Landers)7.32580 0.52
LA101992 Yermo (Landers)7.32580 0.34
LA111989 Gilroy (Loma Prieta)71240 0.60
LA121989 Gilroy (Loma Prieta)71240 0.97
LA131994 Newhall (Northridge)6.76.760 0.63
LA141994 Newhall (Northridge)6.76.760 0.54
LA151994 Rinaldi RS (Northridge)6.77.515 0.47
LA161994 Rinaldi RS (Northridge)6.77.515 0.47
LA171994 Sylmar (Northridge)6.76.460 0.39
LA181994 Sylmar (Northridge)6.76.460 0.62
LA191986 North Palm Springs66.760 0.95
LA201986 North Palm Springs66.760 0.99